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Seeking Fulfilment in January: A New Perspective for the New Year

As we enter January, conversations and social media posts are typically filled with the predictable: cold, winter, goals, intentions, resolutions, wellbeing...

But have these words become so overused that they've lost their essence?

Are they now too laden with emotional baggage?

When you hear 'resolution', does it ignite motivation or does it evoke a sense of impending failure?

Is a ‘goal’ exciting or just another task on your ever-growing to-do list?

If you find these words overwhelming, you are not alone. I’ve actually I've stopped using them with clients as they don’t help.

Instead I want to shift our focus to a more positive concept: fulfilment.

Defining Fulfilment

What do I mean by fulfilment? 

Fulfilment is that deep sense of contentment that arises, when your actions align with your values and aspirations.

Have a think. Can you recall the last time you experienced that sensation of both physical relaxation and a sense of inner expansiveness, as opposed to feeling tense and diminished? That's the state we're aiming to achieve – that feeling of ease, happiness and peace.

Fulfilment can emerge from significant achievements or from small, everyday moments that bring joy and meaning to your life. Instead of chasing goals and resolutions, why not explore what a fulfilled life means to you.

What does a fulfilled life look like to you?

A fulfilled life is woven with purpose, passion and moments that matter. What those things are - is going to vary widely from person to person, it is intensely personal.

This could encompass anything from a cherished hobby, a personal project you're passionate about, or simple daily actions that bring you joy.

Take a moment, grab a piece of paper and make a list of these fulfilling activities. Consider these as your beacons for the coming year, guiding you towards a more rewarding and satisfying life.

In my professional life, I gain a sense of fulfilment from pursuing knowledge and being able to inspire positive change in the people around me, with what I have learnt. 

At home I find fulfilment from indulging in activities that bring joy and relaxation, or spending quality time with loved ones.

As well as engaging in physical activity and conquering the challenges of climbing mountains.  Not only does it invigorate my body, but also nourishes my soul.  

How can you add more fulfilment to your life in 2024?

Some questions to help you

I know this is a big topic, so to help get your thoughts flowing, here are a few questions for you to ponder:

  • What activities make you lose track of time?  What are you doing when you feel most alive and engaged?
  • Think of an achievement you are proud of.  What is it about that achievement that made it so fulfilling for you?
  • When do you feel most like your true self?  In what environments or activities do you feel that you can express yourself fully and authentically?
  • What kind of impact do you want to have on the people around you or the world at large?  How does this desire influence your feelings of fulfilment?
  • What do you feel is currently preventing you from feeling fulfilled?  How can we work together to overcome these barriers?

Further support

If you’d like some more guidance on how to transition to a more fulfilled life, book a free 30-45 minute discovery call with me.

I’d love to support you on your journey to a richer and more satisfying life.

Certified Transformation Coach

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January 24, 2024

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