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Imagine achieving more of what you truly want, balancing different areas of your life, enjoying better health and achieving your goals.

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Step 1:

Getting to know you

We construct a relationship by incorporating the four modalities of nutrition, NLP, hypnosis, and life coaching. Unlike some coaches, I see our mind and body as one integrated system that benefits most from all four modalities when they are combined. I work with individuals of all ages, tailoring my methods to your unique personality and circumstances.

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Step 2:

A fresh start

Instilling a sense of belonging in the room by creating a warm, welcoming environment as you open up to me – as you open up to yourself. As you embark on a journey into the life of your new self, it is a place of understanding, mutual respect, and trust in one another.

Step 3:

Moving forward

As changes occur, and in this safe space, you will discover who you truly are, who you can be, and how to become that person. Embody your best self to develop a mindset that will allow you to make clear decisions, become decisive, and overcome any challenges that come your way for the rest of your wonderful life.

Anita Hanchet

About Me

I'm here to help you connect your mind and body so you can discover who you truly are and who you can become. To live the life you choose and deserve. My desire is to share my knowledge with others in order to help you rediscover your sense of purpose, just as I did when I began studying the mind and body.

Anita Hanchet / SMACCPH

Kind words

What people are saying

"I recently had some sessions with Anita for hypnosis.  She was very warm and easy to talk to, professional and thorough in her approach.  After my first session I felt relaxed and calm.  Over the following days I felt a shift and a calmness about personal issues I’ve always found to be very emotive.  I felt they were easier to deal with than before.  I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Tunbridge Wells, Kent

"After initially booking some hypnosis sessions with Anita to help with my anxiety, Anita quickly introduced nutrition advice and coaching techniques into our sessions.  This allowed me to take a proactive approach on a daily basis and between sessions to help myself. Absolutely brilliant!  I will not hesitate to recommend her”. 

Tunbridge Wells, Kent

"I found Anita insightful and easy to talk to.  Her help through hypnotherapy was the beginning of the life change I was looking for.”

J. Tunbridge Wells, Kent

“Returning to work after bringing up my family was completely overwhelming.  I had no idea what I wanted to do, who I was or how it was going to fit around my children.  After 12 weeks of coaching with Anita, these thoughts and feelings are a thing of the past.  I am calm, I have clarity and I have returned to work doing what I love!  Thanks Anita!”

K, Richmond, Surrey

"I felt lonely and isolated and couldn’t talk to anyone, so I contacted Anita and I’m so glad I did. Anita was warm, professional and easy to talk to. The work we did together has allowed my life to get back on track and move forward. I am no longer lonely and isolated, but content and happy!"

A. Sevenoaks, Kent

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