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Men’s Mental Health Matters

“It’s time to speak up
We can’t afford to stay silent”


Movember was established by two guys in Australia in 2003 and has become a global force for good in men’s health. Movember has made an admirable impact on male mental health but without doubt further change is still desperately needed. The suicide rate amongst men in the UK is horrifying; 3 out of 4 suicides are by men and suicide is the biggest cause of death for men under the age of 50. The number of men who have suicidal thoughts has doubled since 2009 which is as sad as it is shocking. 

Traditional male values of being strong, macho and the bread-winner have led to generations of men who can’t verbalise how they feel. Finding it difficult to talk about their feelings mean that they haven’t had support for the concerns we all feel; pressure at work, issues with appearance, isolation and loneliness, separation/divorce, being a parent or financial stress. 

Due to men not talking about their issues or seeking help, their symptoms have the potential to externalise as anger, aggression, irritability and/or risky behaviour. They may also have trouble sleeping and difficulty focusing. Typically men are more likely to use alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs to cope with their mental health worries, in an attempt to self-medicate, but actually exacerbating the problem.

How can my holistic approach to health help men of all ages to cope? I encourage honest, open dialogue in a safe environment where we can develop trust and security. I have the combined techniques of hypnotherapy, NLP, nutritional advice and life coaching to bring together as appropriate to your needs. We’ll be able to develop healthy strategies for overcoming negative thought patterns, working through past trauma and find ways to face difficult emotions. We’ll set goals, to help you move forward and feel better in a way you feel comfortable with.

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December 13, 2022

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